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About Me

Children Photography

A key element for photographing children is wait for a good candid shot. This is the best way to capturing them as they are. As they don’t usually fake their emotions, which makes their portraits naturally stand out.

Powerful child portraits are much different than “look at the camera and smile” pictures. A true portrait will reflect a child’s personality, energy and uniqueness that every one of the bundle of joys have.

Fine Art Photography

My greatest inspiration for creating Fine-Art photography is the work of the great portraitist Rembrandt. I’m fascinated by his works and other paintings of the Dutch Golden Age from the 17th century in which Dutch trade, science, military and art were among the most acclaimed in the world.

The ‘Fine Art Portrait’ is a very carefully lit studio portrait where every element is adjusted as though painting a picture in fine detail with light. The editing process is then treated the same. A painterly look is often achieved as I refine every element of the portrait taking on old dark room techniques in a digital format to ‘lighten and darken’ skin tones, clothing, hair and all the details to create a sense of portrait perfection.

Maite Rodriguez

Fine Art Photographer

Photography connects people – through interests, locations, and cultures.