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Working Process of children photography


Brainstorm to eleborate ideas

We can discuss an idea or way of solving a problem by having a spontaneous group discussion. Confidence is a choice.


Choose a location

Great outdoor locations include the beach, woodland, or an open field. For instance, if I’m shooting against a green field or trees, I can make your subject pop by dressing them in a contrasting color such as red.


Shooting in soft natural light conditions

When the sun is low in the sky, the light is soft and the colors are beautifully warm.

Work Hard, Live Life, Be Happy

A great technique with children photography is to shoot from a low perspective. I like to get really low – often lying down on the ground and angling my camera up.


Include some interesting props

Props are a wonderful tool for improving children photography. They add visual interest to the photos. They help us tell a story. And they keep older babies and children entertained during the photo shoot.


Capture Natural Poses & Emotions

Once the child feels at ease, they’ll start moving around more naturally. And I’ will be able to capture real joy and emotion as they play.


Family portraits

What happens if I’m photographing several people, such as siblings or a family? How do I keep them all in focus?

The trick is to keep them all in the same focal plane. In other words, they all need to be at the same distance from the camera.